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Monday, 27 February 2012

Back to Harwood

Another run over to Harwood Forest started at the Gibbet ,Kestrel, Crossbills , Goldfinch, Chafffinch,Buzzards displaying, a bitter cold wind reduced the time of our stay here, going into the forest it was warm in the sun so I looked for perhaps a basking Adder , checking out an open recently felled area , the edge was alive with birds also taking advantage of the warmth of the sun but where the sun did not touch the ground was frozen solid , a walk along the tracks and you soon realise just how large this area is , Crossbills over but not settling ,but again when I got back to the near the car Crossbills  feeding along the road edge and coming down to water, so I just set up the scope and spent the rest of the afternoon watching their behaviour.
 Harwood from the air the trees tightly packed

Great Spotted drops in beside us
 Harwood from the air---actually a clump of Moss!!!!
 Crossbills feeding along the tree edge
 This one coming down to drink
 Juvenile feeding on bark ? or insects below
 looking North towards Cheviot
 looking East ruined cottage which would have been very remote in it's day
 This male also seems to be feeding /stripping bark, mineral content perhaps?
 Talking to one of the locals who said Crossbills regularly come down to  their garden , I could only think of the photographic opportunities if a suitable pool was available all year.
 The wind ruffling up the feathers
 Coming down to water with the dark forest behind

 Not the best of shots but I liked the way it showed the bill and tongue, this one was getting something out of the end of this branch
Also coming to drink , a good water source being essential in their daily life.


Johnnykinson said...

I thought you'd been up in a balloon for a second Brian.
Too many people are hung up on that pin sharp image when something with a bit more interest is far better.
mmmm nice.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Oh! I like those pin sharp images, but I also like something different, which is best ????????????? fight !!.