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Friday, 6 January 2012

Holywell Pond

A couple of hours at Holywell Pond the other day ,very few duck around does not seem to get the numbers it used to, there was a Buzzard along the north hedge now that is something you did not see in the past, numbers of gulls low ,I presume the tip has not yet got back to full working and perhaps some of the gulls have spread out. Seven Eurasian White-fronts dropped in silently followed by an adult Med gull which as always did not stay long , I think it dropped into the east shore but as I had not long come from that end which is always the first port of call to check any gulls with colour rings , so I thought by the time I pack up and go down it will be gone. Three Tree Sparrows on the feeders none of them ringed there seems to be an influx in the County of late, I always thought they where fairly sedentary birds.  
 Silently they came and silently they left , but it did give us something to look at.

This must be a photo effect ,that Herring Gull looks huge  !!! 
1st Winter Common Gull
 Tree Sparrows at the feeders ,perhaps the nucleus of another colony

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