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Friday, 18 January 2013

Blyth Estuary

A visit to the estuary a few days ago I unfortunately miss timed the tide and it had already pushed most of the waders of the mud. The small pools held Water Rail at least you could hear them calling despite most of the reeds having been cleasred, about 6 or so Moorhens around and I saw one hop into a Buckthorn bush and start and eat the orange berries which I believe are very high in vitamin C it dropped back onto the ground  but 10 minutes later hopped up again so I got a digi shot. About 40 gulls on the newer of the pools ,not sure why they had to add another , Goldfinch Greenfinch and a single Fieldfare and Bullfinch with 7 Red Breasted Mergansers amongst the boats before the heavy grey sky saw me head home 
 I think this Bullfinch was feeding on the buds
Moorhen feeding on Buckthorn berries new one on me !!!!

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