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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Waxwing walk

Well today I could not go far another bout of Conjunctivitus  this time my vision was slightly  blurred so no driving for me some ointment from the chemist should soon see it OK . Headed up towards Cramlington on the bus ,walked along the Horton Burn from the Old Fire station(actually it looks very modern but has been replaced with one at West Hartford) right through the estate to Nelson  ,so sign of Kingfisher or Dipper apart from the odd Blue Tit there was nothing . later in the distance I could see the outline of some birds sitting in the treetops they look like Waxwings to me and sure enough legging it much nearer the bins revealed the outline of numerous Waxwings 14 in all later increased to 18 most where well spread flitting into the air apparently flycatching but what ,I have no idea todays light as you know was rather dire  so even though they where obliging the light was not and I could only get what I  describe are poor record shots ,pity as they frequently flew off there perch and returned to the same place. As I was taking some shots  being stood still some Siskins had moved to  just behind me feeding on Alder again they where very close but shooting against the light is never good , but never mind 2 more birds for the parish list . headed towards Northumlandia to look for Owls over the opencast but only a Kestrel which ended the day.
Edit :  I had sent a report of these waxwings to Birdguides but apparently I sent a control message and not a report message , go figure !!! 
 2 of eventually 18 waxwings
 The face of Northumblandia someone stood to the left to give you the scale
 Siskins on Alder

 Waxwings will tolerate you just so far and then their off


John Malloy said...

Where were the Waxwing Brian?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Waxwings on the west edge of the industrial estate along the 1068? then along rail line before flying off towards Northumblandia !