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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Slavonian Grebe

Today started off rather miserable and it  looked set for the day ,but late morning it seemed to brighten up so I decided to go up to the town(as in "toon") to check out Leazes park for the Slavonian Grebe  an incredible record for  near central Newcastle . Alas it was not to be the bird was not around, talked to a couple of other birders as we scanned the area including the Island where a male Goosander spent most of the time with it's head tucked in a Heron also on a small floating raft of reed a few Tufted Duck and the usual Canada Geese . I went of to Exhibition Park to check out the small pool again only a few tufted a small concentration of Blackbirds  and about 12 or so Redwings  with a Mistle Thrush , 2 wrens in song  as was  a Song thrush singing still sounded nice even  with the background noise of  heavy traffic....................
I eventually headed into town and low and behold the Slav was again reported from Leazes Park , so it looks like another  visit for me got to get at least one pic for the blog !!!

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