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Monday, 14 January 2013

Morpeth Riverside

The other day I had to go up to Morpeth so too the opportunity to check out the riverside usual there are one or two Goosanders  coming to bread which can give you the chance of some photos (but it's hard not to include the bread in the shot) but alas today non plenty of Mallards and BH  Gulls ,I walked along to Scotch Gill woods  still nothing on the river a couple of Jays making their usual racket before revealing themselves as they flew overhead  and apart from numerous Nuthatch calling and some Great & Blue Tits it was rather quiet and very dull .
 The stepping stones over the river
 The river looking rather tranquil although this section has flooded many times
looking back to the road bridge  this section a favoured haunt of Goosander
 I took this photo of the old gas light  but forgot to read the relevance of it
 I have taken  this before  two sections of Whalebone
 This Ash tree had a very large Burr on the trunk
 This evergreen no idea of what but it seems to be coming into flower, is it the species with the yellow flower spikes ?
 probably a garden escape
Some fruiting funghi coming through , look at the leaves on the verge of falling apart


abbey meadows said...

The evergreen is Spurge Laural. It is believed to be native along the banks of the Wansbeck particularly at Scotch gill. It may be naturalised elsewhere.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Nigel I never even considered it to be a native species.