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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bean Goose -etc:

26th Jan checked out the flock of Pinkfeet along the Links road at Blyth the Bean goose still present and the Geese are  still around the area ,with another flock od similar size near Holywell Pond , I also called back  up the Estuary this time on a falling tide some Grey Plover where close in on some early exposed mud but before I could set up the camera they had all gone so I got a couple of shots of the Bar-tailed Godwits and Knot, there seems more BTG than usual this year with 35-40 present eventually they flew over to the other side giving there distinctive call , checked out the Teal again in the hope of GW, still a good flock of a few hundred Teal around no doubt they will be drifting off to the ponds again soon , Red Throated Diver a 3 Mergansers in the area they used to turn boats in , Fieldfares feeding again on the Buckthorn.
 Bar -tailed Godwits
 For some reason Goldeneye are not the easiest birds to photograph the contrast is so great between the black and white it's very hard to get it right ,these males looked stunning as they drifted just offshore before starting to feed again
 Bean Goose centre
A few Knot where along the estuary

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