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Saturday, 23 February 2013


Not having turned out today but regular checks out the window at the comings and goings of the various birds dropping into the pool for a drink or bathe , I was surprised to see a Hedgehog waddling up the garden  so I grabbed the camera for a quick shot before getting the garden gloves to grab hold of it and check it out , but it had disappeared under the  bushes beneath a large pine tree so I carefully lifted the long strands of a sort of ivy  and was surprised to find a pile of grass and leaves and just the hogs little backside sticking out , well go figure never knew I had it hibernating in the garden , have seen them on numerous occasions over the years , looked carefully again and it was right inside it's cosy little nest well sheltered from rain and snow by the tree overhang . So I will just keep an eye out for it  perhaps get a pouch of dog food and leave a morsel for it at night.
So be careful in your coming garden tidy ups ,check the hedge or whatever your sorting out, it may just be a hogs heaven !!!!!  

Hog heads back to bed after a stroll around the grounds , he did try  out the snail shell on the left so he may be hungry , I,m heading off for some dog food

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