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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Holywell Pond Twitch ( sort of)

1st Feb and it was off to Holywell Pond for the reported Whitefront  turning into a right twitcher , well not really but I suppose any bird that you specifically go to see is a twitch , so heading down the side track had a quick look in the feeding station ,there is  screen  looking onto a feeding station in the copse, always worth a look might pull in a Brambling or two , or even the elusive Yellowhammer, there was plenty of Tree Sparrows 25-30 the most I have seen here but its good to know there are numerous birds about . A Kestrel passed me close and low over the field heading back up the track and settled on a tree it's a very obliging and confiding bird , I walked back and got some shots . Walking around the track as it turns into the next field I could here some Snow Buntings they flew across in front of me and headed over the pond , I had put the camera in the bag and the time I got them out it was to late , 8 birds I thought  but the photo shows 10 , couldn't re-locate them in the area  though I did try , it was good to see them I had looked in the harbour and beach area since the New Year in the hope the hard weather would have pushed some over.
Just further along the Whitefront was soon located in with Greylags , the end os last year I had a single Whitefront in with Greylags at south Woodhorn Flash as well as the ones to the North so it could be this bird,  a Greylag with bright orange legs also caught my eye so I will check out the net , did I not read of birds thought to have come from further east ?
Well it's now becoming tedious  that I still have not seen Yellowhammer so I scanned hedgerows etc but still none , the Kestrel came and hovered just above and in front of me  so I took shot after shot only to find the light was all wrong and despite the closeness the photos where rubbish , a flock of Pinkfeet lifted from the Oberlisk field and headed west, going along the old rail track the Whitefront was now on the small pond much favoured by the Greylags.

Tree Sparrow , I had not noted the overhang of the upper mandible before 

looks back not in anger but more curiosity or slight disdain !!!

Not the best photo I have of Snow Buntings but it just shows at least ten birds , they have to date not  been re found .
Whitefront in with the Greylags and from what I could see it could hold its own with the Greylags
 Orange legged Greylag ,it's probably commoner than I think, who looks hard at Greylags other than winter !
Kestrel actually came and hovered just in front of me , I thought it was fantastic till I saw the results , disappointedly this was the best of the bunch ,enjoyed the encounter , I was standing still at the time which is still the best way to see wildlife  at times ,let it come to you   !!!
I picture the Fox that gets on the trail of this dead Pheasant , puzzled that it can't find the quarry , but I'm sure it will work it out in the end's to good a prize to leave
Pinks heading west (and Lapwings)

Whitefront  now on the small pond

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