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Monday, 4 February 2013

Holywell Dene

The 24th jan I walked from Seaton Sluice via Holywell Pond and along to the avenue , several Bullfinch along the stream edge  2 parties of Goldfinch and a flock of Tits always worth checking for something else , the hope was for Dipper and or Grey Wagtail as to this date I had not had either , Nutchatch and Treecreeper seen  as I went from one side of the stream to the other it was running fast so there was not much hope of the two birds I was looking for , got to the old rail track so had to go up and over the other side  here there was at least some edge and sure enough a Dipper for 2013 I watched it for awhile till it eventually went further upstream, a quicj#k call at the pond revealed nothing new for the year and even Yellowhammer usually a cert around the fields also evaded me they all seem to have left the area.

Finally found a Dipper this one showing the nictitating membrane 

Today I encountered lots of Funghi these  are all taken with the phone 

 These where just the obvious ones I could easily see probably much more hidden from view

 Particularly liked this one fruiting from the end of the log

 These ones are about 18" across
 and these quivered in the breeze

Old Bottle found in the Dene don't know the full name of manufacture to date it , looks like leaving rubbish is not new !!!

WHY  .......Why would someone call at a cafe/sandwich shop get two cups of tea ask for the lids  to take them out , drive to Holywell Pond walk all the way down to the hide, (I presume) drink the tea replace the lid neatly ........then walk away and leave them for someone else to remove ? Just wait till I get my DNA app  !!

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