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Thursday, 20 March 2008

20-03-08 Ringed Crane

Glaucous Gull dropping in at Linton Pond

The Cranes took off and circled but came back to the same field

Drove past the site of the reported Cranes but they where not on show according to other birders on site , scanned the field further along and surrounding area with no luck so went onto Linton, to have a look for the reported Yellow Legged Gull but with no sign only one Glaucous on show, a large bruiser of a bird, Cranes reported again so headed off for another look, slightly better light but a strong wind which is no good for digiscoping, but on the shots of today you can see the adult bird has a metal ring on the right leg they flew across the field a couple of times , I was going to wait till they took off to roost but gave up as the light was fading fast any shots would have been distant and dark.
 I thouight I had edited this post re the ring on the Common Crane it turns out just to be a photo artefact or leg colour and not a ring   !!! 

Another shot amongst the Jackdaws, ring clearly shown

Jackdaws around the Cranes, ring can be clearly seen.


st said...

You can virtually garauntee a glauc on that spot of the island at linton,

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes I don't know why they favour that side but it;s a chance to get them out of the water