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Friday, 28 March 2008

28-03-08 Firecrest St Mary's

The day started off wet and grey so I thought Linton ,get the flask and sarnies and sit in the hide, still would like an adult Glaucous, but I got stuck in a very long traffic jam for some reason and I realised I had not brought my phone or pager so I turned around and went back home ,message of a Firecrest not 10 mins old so off I went , not a soul there so I worked the whole lenght of the willows twice before I picked it up on call ,sounded to me hoarser than Goldcrest, anyway it showed very well giving good views but the light was poor and when the sun came out the bird had gone , in and out of view and I took loads of photos many have been binned ,my reactions where always behind the bird and I got many shots of a bare branch.
also in the large triangle patch Goldcrest, Redwing, and a Chiffchaff.
I thought i had taken plenty of shots but I should have went back when the sun came out, the big lenses where there,check out JM site link ,he got a stunner shot as the bird was at the pool for a drink. wait till I get my 800mm!!!!!!!!! (DONATIONS WELCOME !!!!)

Not sure what these are it is feeding on

This looks to me to be starting to show pink on the breast

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