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Monday, 31 March 2008

29-03-08 Another Iceland & 1st Swallow

Not the best of photos but it does show the darker wing edge

Northumbrian Birding

Started the late morning at Castle Island giving the area a thorough scan revealed nothing unusual always plenty of loafing gulls here so worth a check,on to Bothal ponds or Coneygarth

as it is sometimes called, no sign of reported LRP, 2 Barnacle in with the Canada but they both seem to have paired with Canadas 15 Fielfare in the horse field as I checked Jackdaws for the nordic bird other than that not much else a strong cold wind here as the pond is open on most sides,next stop Longhirst flash checked through the gulls no white wings, but I did find the nordic Jackdaw ,Wigeon, Teal ,Mallard, & couple of Gadwall also 2 Whooper Swans, on to Linton Pond stopping to check a large flock of gulls resting in a field ,I picked out 2 Glaucous gulls. at the pond a 1st year Glaucous sitting on the island , a Swallow over was a nice surprise the earliest date for me, with a Chiffchaff singing outside the hide another scan of the gulls I picked out ab Adult Iceland this a different bird to last weeks ,heavy rain and a dark sky did not help with digiscoping, another Glaucous dropped in as did numerous birders, stopped to have another look at the Cranes but they where not on show.

This bird not as clean as last weeks trace of winter around the head and faint light grey on the primary tips
Just barely visible ,darker outer web of the 10th primary
A large heavy Glaucous

Showing nicely marked undertail

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