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Sunday, 16 March 2008

!3th unlucky for some

Just a few shots from the past week I have not been far
Redwings near Morpeth as we parked the car for a walk to Mitford Castle
Buzzard over the edge of Morpeth,nice garden tick for someone,I'm sure there must have been one over my house ,but I have yet to see one !!
Mitford Castle a fantastic place in a great setting 3 Gsw, Jays, Bullfinch lots of Nuthatch and Long tailed's through the wood , and Goldcrests this one low down in a bush running at 78rpm and hard to get a shot of, still better than I got of the Firecrest, I will have to go and try agian.

Whoopers coming in to Linton
This one on control wires !!!
A visit to St Mary's Island area the field to the west looks great for early Wheatears, Water Pipit still showing on the wetland but no usable photos have yet to get a good one of this bird
Had this odd looking gull at Holywell thought it worth a photo,a smart bird
And another, got a couple of flight shots but a bit to far off, had to leave to go for some shopping at that freezer place.


Rare Visitor said...

This looks likes an (almost) adult Iceland Gull, the only feature not correct is the tip of the bill but if it is a 3Rd winter moving into adult summer then that would fit. There is a red spot on the lower mandible.

Northumbrian Birding said...

For some reason I have problems getting into the comments section?
Agree that was my thought one feature I could not digi was the undertail which still had faint markings,shown well on the 1st year further up the posts.

Anna Simpson said...

A great blog you've got going here, well done. Excellent photographs. I'll be checking on your blog again for sure.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the comments,digiscoped shots are nikon 4500, and then a 350D, but I am just a beginner in photography, enjoy as much the getting out and taking the shots, as the photos themselves.