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Monday, 16 March 2009

10-3-09 Swallow to St Mary's , with the med in between

I wanted to visit Swallow Pond with the hope of seeing the Stag , I have seen it before but would like to get a photo with it's full set, but alas I went all over the place not a sign, despite everyone I met having seen it at some time or other. 5-6 Lesser Black-backs here also this one calling as it swam around, hard to hear with the din of the Black-headed's, I could not find anything to get photos of , apart from the GSW that drummed on an electricity pole ,catching the metal plate now and again ouch!!!!, they must have some skull , I gave up the quest and headed for the coast, pulled in at Briardene for the Med it's in near Summer plumage now.
Next stop St Mary's Teal and Gadwall on the sea with a few Guillemots, tried for the Water Pipit in the north bay as the tide dropped but it spent most of the time along past the sandy bay, I just got myself sat on a rock and waited for the birds to come to me.
Lesser Black-backed calling as it moved across the pond

GSW drumming , it seemed to hit the metal plate at times , as there was a distinct metallic quality to the drumming, their heads have built in shock absorbers

Briardene Med Gull near Summer Plumage

Littoralis showing slight pink tinge to the upper breast
Colts Foot coming through everywhere, looking rather prehistoric, flowers first then leaves.


Holywell Birder said...

Looks like the med which was on Holywell Pond on sat

Northumbrian Birding said...

HB, You probably know already that an adult Med is to be found at the links car park near the Briardene, but I suspect it will not stay much longer.
Take some bread and just sit in the car.