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Thursday, 19 March 2009

17-3-09 Another tick ,must get out more !!!!

Just a few shots from another run to Swallow Pond ,there is actually some good habitat here not just for birds , some good ponds for Dragonflies,nice open areas for Butterflies, plenty Bat boxes up,the Centre has a cafe( Red Rumped Swallow behind here last year) and events of all types throughout the year, so thats my plug get the kids there ,or leave the kids behind and get yourself there, and the latest sp on SP,who's patch this is, he has a shiny new scope & matching tripod, that he carefully packs away after use, and no doubt he will find something good with it ...............good luck from me !!!!

SEO thin on the ground this year

This was as close as it came , and as good as I could get

SEO on the ground digiscoped

Little Owl Digiscoped at 18:30, and yes it was dark hence the exposure of 1 sec

2009 list 127 Little Owl, Green Winged Teal


mosstrooper said...

So it does exist, and its not the ramblings of a deluded mind. Been trying for pics of the SEO these past few days.

Little owl Backworth ?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Those SEO are always distant, good little patch though.