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Saturday, 28 March 2009

24-3-09 Cresswell, Druridge Otter

On the way to Cresswell the other day stopped at the flash near Lynemouth, 12+ pied Wagtails, 8 Redshanks and a hand full of gulls, with the water level dropping slightly, but it's still looking good and worth look at.

Cresswell a few in the hide still hoping for the Bitterns Water Rail showed as it travelled along the edge, and a couple of Wheatears could be seen near the north car park, but not there when I dropped in, a couple of Kestrels over , and 30 Whoopers on the water, two pairs of red Breasted Mergansers.

I moved on to Druridge Pools plenty of Teal & Wigeon from the metal hide and about 10 Herons, 30 Redshank , on the main pool 3 Goldeneye and 6 Tufted, a few mallard with a Sand Martin over the pond for awhile, just about to leave and picked up an Otter it headed to the small island , sat there and preened , I got my scope set up with the camera on but just in time to catch it dive in and away, I gave it a few more minutes and again about to leave whens some guys came in and I said you just missed the Otter, but up it popped again and again went onto the island getting some video when what looked like two Common Sandpipers flew over the SE corner circled but just flew off . Over to the West a flock of some 2 hundred small birds kept lifting too far even for the scope,probably Linnets .
Must have good eyesight to see fish from here
I have seen lots of Otters in Northumberland now but still get a thrill with every one !!!!
Just got the gear set up to see it dive in only a 4.5 or this one , the next one a little better 6.0 perhaps


Ipin said...

I had three otters yesterday at Dru, all of the same size and playing like they were siblings?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Could this one be a female, it does not as look heavy set as a dog otter.