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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

13-16-3-09 White Stork Trek

Paid another visit to the Med Gull to try and get some real closeup head shots via digiscoping but just got set up again when a car drives through the lot and puts them up only to land too far off.
I found this nice fungi in the garden on an old log , now was the log carrying the fungi when I brought it home fresh cut or does the airborne spores grow on suitably dead wood.
The message of White Stork on the 16th found me at Burgham Golf Club just pulled up to see it fly off and find out it was ringed,being fed bread by the club staff , ah!! well what can I say , from here I called in at Linton but again not more than about 50 gulls so I just headed back home .
I have lots of this growing on a log that I brought home from West Hartford when a load was dumped ,you could drive up the road then, I had just got parked when a Police car pulled up to check I was not dumping rubbish . you see the same stuff all over the County, at the turning circle Druridge Bay the other day somebody had dumped a load of garden waste ,soil etc why drive all that way just to dump rubbish.

The first time I have heard a Med call , but it was just like a soft Muyow !

White Stork heading South it was just going over the car as I pulled up

So I snapped a couple of shots and it was gone..

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Alan Tilmouth said...

Stork Trek, I thought that fungi looked like it was just Klinging on :)