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Saturday, 3 April 2010

April 1st A Black Redstart day...........

Thursday it seemed like a good idea to cycle to St Marys via the coast in the hope of finding my own Black Redstart ,the horse fields seemed the obvious choice but nothing for me ,the wetlands had the most water here I have ever seen , but only a few Teal ,Mallard, Curlew etc: and a very heavy shower of hail. So I went to the cemetary to try and locate the Black Redstarts .met up with Marg & Norman, and it was Marg that picked up the male down towards the S/E corner, it was obliging but very mobile the second bird was harder to find , the Celtic crosses & headstones being used as look out posts and sometimes sitting for some time giving MHodgson some great opportunities to digiscope it , a fine sunny afternoon but a cold wind and it was a struggle against the wind to get back home.

This male was very obliging .although just kept that constant distance between you.
These birds are actually stunning in the right light ,very hard to capture that, for me anyway the background of this spoiling it somewhat
1st summer Male ? showing just a hint of white


Birding about Northumberland said...

Lovely shots, nothing spoilt in my eyes
Cracking birds

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Michelle, You got that right ,really are cracking birds, worth spending the afternoon in a cemetery for.