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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Whitethroat and Grasshopper.........Friday 23 rd |April

Friday was warm and sunny early on so I cycled to Holywell ,lots of Willow Warblers & Chiffs only one Wheatear and the odd Swallow over ,first Whitethroat of the year for me at Holywell, and Grasshopper Warbler , F Goosander still around no sign of GCG, mid afternoon the 6 0r so Swallows increased to over 60 Swallows ,Sand martins and a couple of House Martins again my first of the year,the flooded field is drying out fast and I have yet to see anything other here than Oystercatcher or Redshank, there was 80 or so gulls using the pool so it will dry out even sooner,although they will also help to make it larger.
The weather changed sharply late afternoon and turned cold with a slight mist.
This Whitethroat in exactly the same place as last year

If you do happen to see Grasshopper Warbler this is usually the best view you get
In full reel........................for some superb photos of Grasshopper Warbler check out these at JM 's blog.


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Hi. Cracking blog and really like the photos.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Andrew at least now there is more birds coming in every day, Springs a great time of the year !!!

Davy T. said...

Lucky bugger getting the Grasshopper Warbler pic