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Monday, 12 April 2010

Friday 9th April Harwood Great Grey Shrike

Fridays weather seemed ideal to try for the Great Grey Shrike(found by Abbey meadows for the second year running) deep in Harwood forest, took the bike up and cycled through to the area where the bird has been hanging out, two birders already there, I did not want to just roll up and have it pointed out but nor did I want to wait hours to see it , as it happened it had been seen but not for 1/2 hour , and it took me over 2 1/2 hours to finally pick it out sat right at the top of a pine tree where it sat for some time , and another birder turned up just in time , it flew to the top of a dead tree a little nearer and gave cracking views but by now too dull for digi, large numbers of Crossbills back and forth a couple landing beside the road.
Stonechats and Meadow Pipits also keeping me entertained , luckily I had taken my coffee etc, and just sat and enjoyed the quiet, a few Buzzards over plus Kestrel & Sparrowhawk , a single distant Goshawk,several Great Spotted Woodpeckers. and 2 Fox.

This wooden looking Fungi,

Thats the Shrike right on the top
A few Digi shots unfortunately it was by now rather dull
It sat here for so long we where able to get a little nearer
Meadow Pipit
I was puzzled by these cones, why would someone dump them just here ?.
Just a short bit of video as it sat on the tree top


alan tilmouth said...

Best shots I've seen to date Brian, its not exactly confiding is it?

Northumbrian Birding said...

I knew it was not going to be close enough for photos ,just glad I had good views in the end.