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Friday, 2 April 2010

White-tailed Eagle.........Prestwick Carr 31-3-10

Spent the past few days with a touch of flu again, so late Wednesday I was still moping around the house feeling sorry for myself , till I got the message of White Tailed Eagle at Prestwick Carr, so I was sorted and out the house within minutes ,located the bird way off sitting in a tree it then flew over the plantation being mobbed by Buzzards till it eventually drifted over Berwick Hill and out off sight, on the short notes I took I thought perhaps it was a 2-3rd calendar year bird .
A tremendous amount of water lying here , I once had an 18th century engraving showing a very large lake , complete with a man fishing with a net from a sailing boat.
Alan Tilmouth got some great shots as it went over the hill, right place right time, they clearly show a radio tag check it out,

just a couple of distant shots as it flew over the plantation, and a six second jerky video

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