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Monday, 19 April 2010

That was the week that was...........ending with a nice wag !!

This week I have had problems with the blog being denied access for some infringement or other ? but it seems sorted now.
Anyway just around up of the week, had my first Willow Warbler near Morpeth on Sunday and also my first Butterflies Tortoiseshell , Peacock, Large White, Monday started off at Blyth estuary 150+ Redshank ,40 Shellduck, and 2 Bar tailed Godwits, on to Cresswell and then cycled to Hauxley Willow Warblers at Druridge and Hauxley, 3 Swallows over, 44 Curlew and 4 Bar Tailed also 3 Mergansers , just a pleasant day out out on the coast , the rest of the week I cycled three times through too Holywell the St Marys , as much to save petrol as anything , as that is all I seem to spend money on just lately oddly later in the week heard less Willow Warblers, Black caps singing at several locations , Grasshopper Warbler at Holywell numbers of Tortoiseshell increased in sunny spots . A pair of Great Crested Grebe displaying at Holywell .
Sunday with the weather looking changeable to say the least I delayed my plans to go to Hartehope Valley , but the message of a Black Headed Wagtail at Cresswell saw me pull up to see about a dozen birders already there, but boy was it cold lucky I have an old army jacket in the car then the rain eventually it was pouring down ,but the bird showed well and what a little stunner it was , Yellow wagtails are always great to see in the Spring but this was bonus in with the six Yellow Wags , I have looked them up again but what a nightmare to sort out , I will leave it up to much more experienced birders , also White Wag in with the pieds and a Common Sandpiper new for the year .
I also had another new tick for Northumberland while watching the bird a movement in the corner of my eye turned out to be the blogger of " From the Notebook" (aka Boulmer Birder, aaka Stewart) actually running back to his car for a camera ,as everyone was intent on looking at the wag , I was too slow and Stewart to fast, for me to photograph the action, all I could do was take a few notes , but without a photo its doubtful I will get the record accepted ,not sure if this is a County first , or just an action of being off his patch !! and slightly disorientated , but it was good to see.
Three heron feeding in front of the hide at Hauxley.

Several Blackcaps in the Dene and elsewhere.
Found this Rooks nest one of the largest Iv'e seen its got to be about 4-5' deep
However you estimate it this is one very large nest
This strange light effect at the back of the house the sun is out of shot to the left , but also a bit of other cloud that shows no effect ?
It stayed visible for some time

My efforts of The Black Headed wagtail, does not do the bird justice , cracking little bird,

Yellow Wags coming a little closer , but the rain and cold persisted ,yes its definitely Spring !!

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