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Monday, 21 June 2010

Close House Field Station 19-6-10

On Saturday I spent the day at Close House field station, on a sort of intro to bugs , dipped the pond on the Golf course and came up with these two larvae, despite having lots of books and some large Microscopes to look through I still could not work out what they are ,other than Damselflies,thought the green one could be Emerald, some people with more insect experience, picked out lots more, it was a good day just doing something different.
First time I have been to Close House the day was dull so all the damsels where well down in the vegetation and no sign of any Dragons, called at SSWT on the way back for a short seawatch but nothing doing in the short time I was there.These two just taken in a small dish

This one taken through the microscope, it was amazing the detail you could see, this has something on the sides of the thorax.

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