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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Swifts Again........................Rescue No 1

Just ready to go out when i heard the scream of a Swift, this was coming from the drive side of the house and up in the loft I knew one had ventured to far into the loft and sure enough a minute later a bit of wing sticking out the loft hatch as the bird has gone to the nearest light source.
I have seen them do this before so box in one hand, I opened the hatch usually I just let them slide into the box , but this one was too quick for me and took off into the room, the room being a spare room and full of junk etc it took some getting into the box, I am not keen on handling them after seeing all the flat flies that infest them , but I had too as it had got into a corner, so I put it into the box which I covered and let it settle for 10-15 mins , then took it into the garden took a couple of quick shots, lifted the box, tilted it and it was off, thanks mate but I'm off, I had not got back into the house when two Swifts came around and around screaming there heads off !!!!

Perhaps in need of a good preen , but no the worse for it's ordeal, just seconds later it was off, doing what Swifts do best flying with great skill.

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