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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Gosforth Park 10-6-10

Thursday I ended up in Gosforth Park and walked around the long path, I encountered 4 Roe, one Fox just sitting on the path and a red Squirrel, numerous GSW, two where making such a racket I looked up to try and see them when a falcon flew over the tree tops at the west end of the lake ,it size and shape let me to think Hobby so I went around to the screen to look over the lake but no sign. I t was another dull overcast day and being in the woods made it even darker, I had taken my camera but it was useless,I tried to get the Fox as it sat on the path, it had not seen me but by the time I got focused on it in the gloom, it was gone .
I always think of Fungi as an Autumn thing, but coming across these I could not resist a few shots with my compact camera, I have no idea what they are, and don't really care as I struggle to remember plant names let alone getting into Mycology .
Gosforth Park as I have said before is a reserve of The Natural History Society of Northumberland ..................details here


abbey meadows said...

Just in case you are interested Brian the orange fungi is Chicken of the woods and the whiter one looks like Pale Oysterling. Some good species seen.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Nigel,When I said I'm not bothered what there called, I meant I wasn't going to try and look them up, but just enjoy them for what they are, having said that is Chicken of the woods & Oysterling edible ?.

Anonymous said...