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Friday, 18 June 2010

More Damselflies & a Garden First

Whilst sitting in the garden it was good to see two Swifts inspect the nest site used in previous years but not this, unless they where just looking in general under the eaves, not sure what these birds would be ,perhaps last years young ?.
I was thrilled to see a male Bullfinch taking a drink, I thought I had seen a bird with lots of white on the other day flit away out of the corner of my eye , but I had dismissed it as probable Chaffinch , a garden first which has only taken about 30 years.
just another day looking for Dragonflies with only Damsels , sometimes they will not let you anywhere near and other times they sit for ages.

Not sure what has happened to the pics some you click on just enlarge off the screen ?
Common Blue-tailed Damselfly
Another view of the same one ,it was sunning itself on a steel bridge which was actually quite warm
It proved very confiding so I took some detailed shots of it.
The first time I have been able to capture the colour of the Pterostigma
The Postocular Spots I wonder if they act like the eyes on Butterflies wings to scare off predators
Common Blue-tail with prey of some sort, as that is a leg on the leaf


abbey meadows said...

Some incredible shots there Brian

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Nigel ,You can't beat a sunny day and something to take pictures of.