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Monday, 21 June 2010


This is just a shot from my phone as the cameras do not seem to be able to , miss the transmission lines , all the nesting material is from the House Sparrows, entrance is just at the back.

I took some video but its just not loading

On Friday as I went into the garden ,I noticed a dead chick and wondered if it had come from the nest under the eaves, which is now occupied by House Sparrows, so i switched on the CCTV and noticed something dark right in the corner, it eventually let out a scream and I knew it was a Swift which eventually came into view, it was still there on Saturday morning at till I had to go out.
It was back again Saturday night but spending most of its time just out of shot, giving the odd scream now and again.
On Sunday early evening two Swifts gave the most impressive display of flying , they came straight for me then swept up under the eaves hanging on for a second or two then dropping back down making me duck as they came so low, I looked back at the TV and the bird was still there, They came back and forth a few times,whats going on I just don't know but it's good to see them back !!!!!!!! .....................and back again tonight (Monday)

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