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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gosforth Park

Heading to Morpeth the other day I got excited seeing a Buzzard hovering low to the ground stopped and got the camera out of the boot the bird so low it's head is out of focus due to some long twigs from the hedge ,the hope of Rough legged soon dispelled and even the chance of a good photo spoiled the bird turned and disappeared rapidly. A walk along the river East & West did not produce much more than Black Headed Gulls and Mallard on the river
 A couple of views from the feeding station at Gosforth park

 Fungi frothing from this tree !!!!
Treecreepers are just too far for my lens but cracking little birds to see !!!!

One of three Water Rails seen also a Grey Squirrel , not seen any red in Northumberland for awhile. Little Egret just S/W of the reserve


Anonymous said...

red squirrels spotted at Plessey Woods just this weekend, so don't give up hope!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Laz, I have seen them many times in Plessey woods but not been there this year as yet.