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Friday, 25 November 2011

Tynemouth Lighthouse

This year I visited Tynemouth Lighthouse for the first time apparently it's only about 1/2 mile walk along the pier but it seems much longer ,we where allowed to go out at the top you get some fantastic views ,the first thing I thought about was what would the seawatching be like from here, but also in a heavy sea with the waves coming right over the top , not sure if I would be scared or not as it is so well build typical Victorian engineering built to last probably way beyond the years intended ,also can't help but wonder if it was rebuilt today how long would it last .
Looking up at the Lighthouse the joints are so tight and look how thick the walls are

 Some of the original drawings on the wall still

 A lot of the walls are those tile faced bricks easy to clean and reflects light
 The light itself is sitting on a bed of Mercury and although it is about 1 ton ? it is so easy to turn

 Makers plate on the light base
 Telephone probably not used to order a takeaway
 This is just under the light
 and the stairs up to the top
more steps to the stairs of the light ,and more tiled bricks

 actually the storage area although very dark was not as damp as I thought it would be , hundreds of Silverfish on the walls near here
 View from the top back along the pier
View up the river
St Mary's Lighthouse in the far distance , just look how much further you are out.
Some old Lighthouse keeper has probably got an impressive list from here with these   !!!!!


PCF said...

There's an interesting book I've got titled A Lighthouse Notebook by a birding lighthouse keeper, Norman McCanch who did a stint locally. I'll bung it in the car if you want to borrow it next time our paths cross.

Killy Birder said...

Very interesting blog.
I don't recall ever having been along there.

Johnnykinson said...

Nice post Brian. Some excellent atmospheric images.
I think they're Howdon Bloggers binoculars.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Guy's been away for a bit of birding in the sun !!! Good to see most of the birds are still around .