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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Time to put something new on type post !!

I thought it about time I put something on this blog to bring it more up to date this is a right assortment of photos some from "My Phone" as opposed to  an i phone , which I find handy to get that shot which you can't be bothered to get the camera out for , I wont bore you with full frame shots of the recent Firecrest and Yellow -Browed's  you'll be sick of those by now, so here are some full frame photos most taken with my phone (which is unfortunately is useless for digiscoping )  and probably the worst video I have posted to date of a mini murmuration , check out you tube there are loads of actual good ones 

 I was amazed at this tree growing and adapting to it's environment presume it was a  sappling that grew up between the bars but has now engulfed them ,perhaps it needs the "iron". So amazed was I that I did not even note the species.  
 Blackcap at St Marys Island
 Lesser Scaup still at Marden Quarry
 The digger clears a channel at Cresswell  then starts to drive up behind me so I had to get up on the bank , it does not look much but that sand bar was about 6-7' feet deep , at first it seemed to gush out but as this pool emptied it slowed down some what.
 A few Cycle rides along the River Blyth Little Egret still around and I had one at Gosforth Park
One of the small burns that runs into the Blyth the water hides the supermarket trolleys and old tyres etc:

An afternoon at Gosforth Park recently and just as I was about to leave a flock of Starlings came over, here with two Kestrels amongst them , I watched rather enthralled as they swirled around the flock getting larger and larger, not one of those mega flocks you see but enough to entertain me as the sun rapidly set I  got some rather crap video with my phone and it's only about the middle that you can actually see the tight mass but it gives an idea , Must get over perhaps to the Gretna  site if it is still used this year.

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