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Friday, 18 November 2011

Yesterday coming through Cramlington on the bus picked out some Waxwings along Horton Drive which seems to attract them every year not sure how many there was  I saw 3-4 ,but past so quickly.
Thursday 17-11-11 headed off to Big Waters to have a look at the two Bewick's Swans that have been around for a couple of days, dont think I saw any last year and the year before just two birds late in the afternoon .
One of these birds seems to have a gape in the bill more so than the other bird , Whoopers would have the odd nip at them or at least one , I counted 19 Whoopers but did not count everything  as I wanted to head next to Prestwick Carr and try and catch up with the Great Grey Shrike , it had been seen in the morning but I knew others had tried and failed and that was my fate no sign of the bird .
I did however have 4-5 Short- eared Owls , 4 Common Buzzards 3-4 Kestrels , numerous Fieldfare a single Willow Tit along the track as where numerous birders & Photographers. I also failed to get any flight shots of the owls but did get a couple as they sat around and a very short video more a silhouette , but it gives a feel of the night.
 Two Bewick's not as regular  as years past
They kept loosely together

Whooper Swans near the island Big Waters

This bird had a pronounced gap in the bill not sure if it is just the way it's holding it after feeding or slightly deformed ?

I  cant see any difference in the bill patterns of these two birds . 

Now that's a pose pity it was so far away
And finally a very short video ,just before it got too dark  !!

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