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Monday, 14 November 2011

Greater Yellowlegs & Grey Phalarope

An early start at Hauxley to catch up with the Greater Yellowlegs , I had seen it on Saturday but it was rather late in the day and no chance of any photographs. Started at the Ponteland hide and was surprised to find it empty, the Grey Phalarope still around but no sign of the "legs", scanned from the Tern hide and could see the bird just to the side of the new wader hide so I legged it around . It was odd to see this large hide with everbody huddled around the end windows as the bird was so far in the corner  you couldn't see it .   So when it did show I was unable to get the camera on it so I digiscoped it . After getting my fill of both birds I headed off to look for the White- fronts located just along the beach road I counted at least 65 -70 . Headed back to the Ponteland hide just to have my late lunch with the hope the Phalarope & Yellowlegs would come over to that side which they did to some extent ,"Erics"hide  on the far side was packed one guy to the side had his tripod over the fence while he looked through his scope on the other side  !!!!
Ended the day at East Chevington , with Green Winged Teal, Short Eared Owl and a few Thousand Starlings but they only performed briefly and all had dropped in by 10 past 4

With the hide packed I got some digi, and actually unknown at the time it's trying to cough up a pellet   !!!

I was just going to bin this one but  watching it the bird actually does cough up a pellet it's so quick

The Grey Phalarope was rather distant so again I first got some digi

Surprised with this one as I was looking at the monitor the Phalarope came into view and at one stage chased off the much "Greater" bird in size and name.

The Phalrope drops in near the Ponteland hide
65-70 and perhaps more White-fronted Geese just North of Hauxley


Johnnykinson said...

Nice bit of footage with the Phalarope and that Greenshank with funny legs.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John, A good days birding was had by all !!!!