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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Black-headed Gull Foot Paddling

Today I observed  a Black-headed gull  Larus ridibundus  foot paddling on short grass I know Common Gulls frequently do this as do Herring gulls ,I remember reading something about first recorded I think by Tinbergen in  an article for British Birds in the 60's , can't say I have seen BHG do this before or probably just not noticed  it . There is a lot of short grass along our coasts  as towns  always seem to keep the grass very short  on the extensive links like those at Whitley Bay's "Astro Turf " areas ,someone must go along with a measure marked in Millimetres to keep it that short . Wouldn't it be nice to see an area of wildflowers      now and again with tall grass you could walk through  looking for "Butterflies" which oddly don't seem to like short grass ! or imagine small fenced off areas with actual trees in wow! . I noticed The Briardene had been tidied up or sanitized depending on how you see it, I looked for the Med Gull that frequents the car park or at least did , I wonder if they have been recorded foot paddling , I have been know to paddle but that was in my youth I'm sure the sea was warmer then !!!


Johnnykinson said...

Do you not roll up the old trouser legs and don a hanky on the head these days Brian ??
While out walking in Durham a few weeks ago my mate and i cam across a "Wildlife Cemetary". They had let the grass grow and had sown wildflowers in half of the was marvellous !! Shows what you can do with a bit of fore though.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes in contrast to the links the wetland at St Mary's Island has just become overgrown and is in need of some serious work.

Unknown said...

seagull foot-paddling in Belgium last week end.