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Monday, 10 September 2012

Rant, Rant, and Fungi

Busy at the moment so not much time to get out other than regular checks of the local flashes as I run back and forth to the local recycling site  and an occasional look along the river , you see all sorts at the recycling centre while there earlier in the year someone pulled up in the newest registration car which could only have been picked up the day before so there first trip out was taking a load of old rubbish like branches etc to the tip , a guy in a large 4x4 squeezed in next to me having reversed in to "offload" he opens the boot to reveal two small carrier bags of garden waste,its a funny old world some (actually many) drive to the tip with very small amounts of rubbish in the mistaken believe they are recycling and hence saving the planet , but not taking into account they may have driven miles to get there. A large container is where you deposit the  now defunct TV, weather it's because its actually not working or simply because its silver and you now want a black one , it was full of portables to 46" flat screens  I have no idea what happens to them, next to this is a huge skip for electrical s of all kinds , it's mind boggling the amount of stuff we throw away . On the other hand there are those tossers that can't even drive to the tip to dispose of rubbish but choose to dump it out in the sticks, a huge TV dumped near the Elsdon Gibbet earlier in the year , do these tossers just drive around for miles and miles looking for a "nice" spot to dump their stuff I say funny old World !! 

I have wood chippings in the garden and every Autumn some unusual Fungi comes through ,this type seems to rot from the top down showing the gills .  

Blyth River near Alcan ,I went down to watch the lifting of the blades for this wind turbine , but it was to windy , I presume someone climbs up the inside to connect it.

and next day they had already lifted them into place ,I don't know the size of this one  but it seems to dominate the area , now the ones on the pier look very small in comparison , how many more to come I wonder not just here but in the County.


Killy Birder said...

North Tyneside are soon to introduce a charge for removing garden waste, so I suspect a few more around here will be driving to the tip! Or perhaps just chucking it over the fence as many do now.
Typical of NT council of course, to encourage the disposal of garden waste in green bins and then once people get into the habit of using the bins they introduce the charge!

Northumbrian Birding said...

We already have a charge in the form of a third bin, which is a brown bin only for garden waste you have to pay for it every year , so that makes three wheelie bins ,Green for rubbish, Blue for recycling and optional brown for garden waste, now they tell me there is an increase in wheelie bin theft ?(not sure which is the most popular colour for theft )

Johnnykinson said...

Called into Prestwick yesterday....pile of paneling dumped by parking bay on bumpy road by some bustard.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Last time I was there I noticed that black Bra up in the Hawthorns just along the track, wonder what's the oddest thing dumped ?