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Friday, 14 September 2012

Blyth River waders

Yesterday the 12th September I cycled along the River Blyth and around to the area we used to call Monkey's Island just to the east of the boatyard , the tide already pushing in and most of the waders had left apart from a number of Redshank and 6 Knot with a Goosander  in the open water ,headed further upstream looking for any colour ringed birds be they gulls or waders , 30 or so Black headed's feeding from the outfall pipe not sure what this is from, Redshank by far the most common wader here , they have the annoying habit of giving there alarm call chasing everything off but then they settle not far away , so trying to approach waders with Redshank  in front is a waste of time. Thought I picked out a Little Stint  but by the time the scope was up the lot had moved over to the other side and I could not find one. Went as far as the two bridges four Goosanders here and about 20-30 Mallard  which seem to feed at this area. Kingfisher calling between the bridges but could not locate it , two pure white Doves under the road bridge looked odd, back down the river too view across to where the waders gather sometimes to roost  but most fly off to the staithes over at Cambois. Set the scope up to check over the other side it's a fair way off so a scope is essential , in the rain picked out a wader with the Dunlin  couldn't make it out for some time till it brightened up slightly and I could see it was a Wood Sandpiper, also here a Black tailed Godwit and Spotted Redshank , about a dozen Swallows hawking the river which was although rising very still , a Whimbrel was heard but not seen and a Skein of about c100 Pinkfeet headed South  a very good couple of hours despite getting soaked.
 A couple of digi scoped shots the waders where rather far off
 Wood Sandpiper
 Black Tailed Godwit and Spotted Redshank(left )

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