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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cresswell and the Bonxie

Saturday headed up the coast stopping at any sheltered spot that mat have had any Dragonflies, at this time of year they can be found hanging from a bush or tree trying to absorb the suns energy  we found plenty of common darter a 2-3 Speckled  Woods on the wing also Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell  but no larger hawkers. Checked out the flash at Lynemouth single Ruff and Curlew sandpiper in with the c50 Dunlin good to see some waders on here at last, masses of Hirundines  over to hard to even estimate with mixed feeding of House martin , Swallow and Sand Martin. Passing Cresswell the car park was full of cars so we headed to the top end  which actually had nothing other than a singing Chiff  on to Druridge again nothing much of interest but at least more Butterflies in the form of Small Copper ,Painted lady and Wall Brown with again many Common Darters landing on your head ears and anywhere else they could land . Back at Cresswell I headed to the hide now nearly empty no sign of the Bonxie till it suddenly appeared on the far side looked like it had been off for a bathe it sat preening for forty mins , so I checked over the pond Long Tailed Duck perhaps male 1st winter, Great Crested Grebe  and a quick count of the Gadwall got to me to 100+ the most I have ever seen (I have since heard of much larger counts) this a species you had to go to Gosforth Park for the one reliable site of the day. Well the Bonxie seemed content to just preen moving briefly before settling down on the ground , so I decided to move on packed my gear away and was just heading out the door when all hell broke loose the Coots in a mass panic as was everything else the Bonxie was on the wing creating havoc it made a couple of half hearted attempts to drop on something before settling into the field  ...panic over  though the Coots still milled around in a tight flock not sure what to do , no leisurely feeding and loafing around today for them . 
 Curlew Sandpiper ,Lyenmouth flash best viewed in the morning else your looking into the light as here

 Plenty of Ladybirds around at some spots !
 Common Darters a plenty at Dru these on the bench
 Red Admiral
 Small Copper on Bistort
 Painted Lady first for sometime
 And the Bonxie in flight creating panic in every direction


Marc Heath said...

Great collection. Like the Small Copper composition.

The Liverbirder said...

Brian - the Small Copper and Darter photos are immense. Brilliant!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Guys, I remember finding my first Small Copper marvelled at just how small they are.