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Monday, 17 September 2012

St Mary's Island

A report the other day of an adult Sabines Gull off St Mary's  Island so I thought I would have another look along,stopped at Seaton Sluice to look for Kittiwakes in the hope of a Sabine's but the feeding flock way too far out ,4 Sandwich Terns , 20 Teal and a few Redshanks and Knot with 90 Pinkfeet South and 2 Swallows West with a flock of about 40 Goldfinch on the wires, at St Mary's went onto the Island and had a look at the sea , actually plenty birds around mostly in the form of Gannets and the majority of these where Juveniles , surprised to see a Great Northern Diver heading south , picked out a  couple of feeding flocks of Kittiwakes which  I grilled in the hope of a Sabs but just a bit to far away for my scope and I started to wonder how good is the new Swarovski  modular scope going to be in seawatching with it's 95mm  lens and up to 70mm zoom eyepiece  for checking distant flocks etc , I'm interested in having a look at one  at just under £3000 it should be not just good  ,but very very good !.
As the tide started to rise a few Sanderling and Ringed Plover dropped on the rocks  so I checked them out one Sanderling had a colour ring but I could only see a Green and then a Yellow but could not get the combo, several hundred Golden Plover just off the causeway then dropping onto the rocks from the prom, 10 Pied Wagtails on the Golf Course and and 3 Swallows over 

 Ringed Plover we just take them for granted but what a smart bird

 I'm fond of Sanderling such an energetic bird , especially when they feed on the beach,
 I took a few of the tight flock in the hope of getting the colour ringed bird, heads are tucked in but the eyes are open

Two Sea Kayaker' s fishing around the Island I talked to them on the beach but they had not caught anything

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