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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

1000th Post -Great Reed Warbler

Well this is my 1000th post so what better than a new County bird in the form of Great Reed Warbler, it was reported in the morning but with the weather set in I left it till later as I had to go the Wansbeck for 6 to do some Kayaking  so I headed to Cresswell about 3:30 walking up to the hide I was informed the bird was now along at the north carpark in the willows, after about 15mins or so it was seen briefly but not by me , this was going to be no bird perched high singing it's head off this was not going to be easy .After another 15mins or so it was picked up again , lucky for us it favoured the road side of the willows , it sat and gave good views but trying to get a photo was very difficult with always a leave in the way of it's head, it showed off and on so I rattled some shots off most are of the bird hidden so these are the best I got . It was getting brighten but I had to head off , I had visions of it perching high in the open with perhaps a burst of song and someone getting some cracking shots !!!!!
 These might not seem very good but given the distance and amount of cover I'm well pleased

 I did get a shot showing the reddish gape  as it opened it's bill but that was all you could see
Yes I'm well happy with my effort a County tick and my 1000th post

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