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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Some photos from June of Butterflies  and Dragonflies from various visits around the local area some nice sunny days helped with the emergence of some new species for the year . No sign of any Broad Bodied Chasers as yet , I probably hear about them when it's to late , a visit to Belasis Bridge to see the Banded Demoiselle was a literal wash out with the river running high and fast the only thing noted was a Crayfish hanging on to the vegetation trying not to get swept away


 My first and so far only Painted Lady in the front garden in company with three Red Admirals
First Common Darter of the year with two just emerged

 No idea as yet what this is jut caught my eye
 Green Veined White on Comfrey
 Four Spot Chaser there seemed to be a lot in the grass that had newly emerged  and could be approached closely with care but always with grass in the way
 I like this species it has spread rapidly in the last few years and is now very common with large numbers on suitable ponds
 A very good show of  Northern Marsh Orchid this year these two especially vigorous
 I was photographing another 4SC it flew off then I saw this Exuviae  surprised it was so low to the ground and about a foot and a half from the water , I had assumed they always went up a rush stalk etc: but perhaps on dull days they come up in the thick grass so as not to be easy prey if emergence is delayed , pure speculation on my part  but it was odd that despite 30+ seen this was the only Exuviae seen and I do have a good look for them
These eggs are on Salix no idea what they are seem to rather exposed still there a few days later
Seeing more Speckled Woods now but not as many as previous years or as early
Skippers starting to come out in numbers now
Wall Browns in good numbers in the right habitat
Some more unidentified insects gathering to mate

Damselfly Exuviae always to far in the water to collect for ID

Anyone that's takes photos of Dragonflies must take hundreds of shots of 4SC  they land nearby inviting you to get there best side , take off and re land in a different pose
What's not to like about these , a sunny day at a pond teaming with life a camera in hand magic!!!
Nothing better than a bloom of flowers , Lesser Spearwort, Ragged Robin, and Northern Marsh Orchid
Another collection of Insects

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