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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Long Nanny -3

Another visit to the Long Nanny to see how things are progressing ,it started off a nice sunny day but the further north I drove the sun soon disappeared , I was hoping to check out  the  dune slacks  either on the way to The Long Nanny or on the way back . I decided to walk straight there along the beach a cool breeze blowing onshore . I viewed from the wardens hut area the Arctic Terns nesting right up to the roped off area as you come off the beach into the dunes . Two LIttle Gulls , Sandwhich Tern, and a couple of first Summer Arctics on the beach.There where high Spring tides  due in the next few days so attempts where made to protect the Little Terns which seem to prefer to nest in potential danger areas. I went over the bridge to the other side and sat and had my lunch, Sand Martins digging nest holes in the dune edge, and the odd Little Tern would fly along the burn fishing  you had to be ever watchful as they just appeared dropped in the water and where gone in a flash. I headed back via the dunes a few Wall Brown and a couple of Common Blue , I also tried to find any new flowers but with no joy , even the Northern Marsh Orchids where very scarce or just coming through , I will have another look in July and see what has developed its a magic place and a constant stream of visitors to the viewing point where well impressed .
Arctic Terns nesting just off the path
This one favours a dried out branch giving great views 
Sand Martins digging in the dunes ,not sure if this is a serious attempt or not

The Marram Grass roots providing a convenient perch but would also provide the same for a Magpie or Crow
Every now and then the whole lot would get up in a panic but usually soon settle

A Little Tern drops in the burn with the wardens hut in the background
Little Tern hovers momentarily , when you watch them fly the flight looks slow and floating but they can move surprising quickly especially if you have ever seen them on a seawatch

A view from the footbridge , Beadnell in the background and the Wardens Hut on the right

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