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Monday, 9 June 2014

Little Owl- Barn Owl

A couple of ventures out in the search of Owls reaped reward in the form of Little Owl and Barn Owl, years ago I used to have no problem finding Little Owl  perhaps I was just out more I find them very intriguing  I used to keep a horse on a nearby farm which had Tawny Barn and Little Owl and the occasional Long Eared . The Little Owls used to breed in the apex of an old shed and could often been seen hunting from fenceposts and just dropping down onto prey I could never see what they had caught as it was always flown back to the nest . The Barn Owls where seen while on a mid evening walk the first just sitting on the fence the a second heading up a hedge line straight for me I got the camera ready but it just suddenly flicked over the hedge and I saw it perched on the other side with the first also still in view, later as I got the bus home a third bird was seen hunting the fields along the beach road

 I always just take a few quick shots and move on you can only get record shots so why flush the bird
 Bardsey Island seemed to have a good population of Little Owls and they could be easily seen sitting out in the open as there was not much cover
 Barn Owl has a glance at me I am some way off so is unconcerned ,it was still there some hour later when I went home
Another bird but this one out hunting, whats better than see them in flight as they float along and if you hav3e ever had one fly right overhead you will know how quiet they are

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