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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Damsels

It was not until the 21st that I had my first Damselflies although Iv'e not been especially looking but with the increased sunshine and daylight hours I look forward to seeing lots of Dragons & Damselflies. A gentle ramble up to Holywell Pond on the bike not much to see on the pond several Common Terns the highlight a single Greenshank on a nearby flash from here I headed along the edge of the dene and checked out a small dipping pond to find Large Red Damsel, Azure & Blue Tailed Damsels , I followed the burn down to Seaton Sluice and then headed along the links back home .
 Single Greenshank  on a small flash
 Lots of Common Fumitory
 Large Red Damselfly , a very attractive creature it would make a fantastic very close-up study, but I don't have the gear for that, I will have to try and set something up
 These two shots are Azure Damselflies

 A pair of Large Red coupled
 the female clasped on the back of the neck
 This is an old boat upturned with some art work added it looks like a bird from some distance away there are lots of art works/sculptures around the harbour area most made with scraps of wood
 Although it looks like it would have potential I have only ever seen a couple of Redshank along the edge
not sure if this is mine run off or not it is heavily stained with iron

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