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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

17-01-07 CRESSWELL

Still a strong Westerly forecast to ease in the afternoon so I thought I would go to Cresswell pond for the Smew which was there but over the far side,the hide is a large one with plenty of room although the floor is weak and when there is a few in you can feel every movement forget Digiscoping unless you are on your own,it gives good views of the pond but the front is now overgrown and you cannot see anything along the edge,it used to be open and when wet attract Snipe & Water rail,even the depth post favoured by Terns is obscured as is the small outlet beside the sand bar.
It was along this edge that the Smew favoured last year about as close as you will get but be unable to see.
After a good scan I thought i would head to Druridge Bay Pools etc. thinking it would be a waste of time going for the Twite given the windforce, but before I could pack up the heavens opened and it lashed down with rain and I mean it was coffee out and sit and wait,when it did stop the pond came to life the Curlew flew over to the field West of the hide followed by Redshank and Oystercatchers I presume they thought the heavy rain would bring food to the surface, Wigeon soon followed then Lapwings from the sand bar and further West over 100 Whoopers flew past. I got my eye on a female type duck that I thought was Scaup so took some Digi & photo shots but as it neared it was clear it was only a Tufted with much white around the face and only the mearest hint of a tuft,a further shower or two and I thought it's time to go no chance of Barn Owl in this.









From the hide at Cresswell looking N/E.

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