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Friday, 26 January 2007


Another bright sunny day but not much time to go far today,so I went back for the Black Redstart, as I approached the steps down a guy was coming along with a scope & tripod so I asked if the bird was still there yes he said just along the right,but about 20 mins later I still had not seen it,the Fulmars had returned to the cliffs about 20+ but I think it is better to try and see them when there is a bit of onshore wind and viewed from the tops towards Seaton Sluice being very carefull not to go too near the edge,but the birds will sail up and look down on you they really are fantastic to watch.
I walked back and forth looking for the redstart to show itself but no luck .I was about to give in and go elsewhere but thought no give it a little longer,I think it must have been further around the coast as I picked it out near the fallen Pillbox,I tried to get a little closer,sat in a good spot and waited after a few shots I thought I am not going to get anything better so left to go to Holywell via the Beehive flash but with only one Shellduck on I did not stop (the verge is churned up as well). Holywell still had plenty gulls on but at the far end mostly Herring/Common/Black-backed, I could pick out nothing else in with them, Scaup still here which I think is a winter male and not 1st winter,M Blackcap beside the hide and GSW on the Willows, and I noticed two Fox crossing the open not sure what was going on they where well apart so perhaps one was chasing off another or a male after a female,i came out the hide and waited and sure enough one came towards me but soon got a sight of me and veered off.

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