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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

9-01-07 ST Mary's & Hollywell

Another windy day but I thought I would go for the Black Redstart near St Mary's went down the steps to the beach it was more sheltered there but still very windy picked up the Redstart along to the right it kept high up on the rock face for most of the time and could not get near it so got what I could and went onto the pool for Drake Pintail it was over at the far end so I took some Digiscope shots as it was sheltered at the stone screen, a snipe dropped into the edge I thought Jack Snipe on what I saw, but it remained in cover and a mystery.
The wind continued very Strong so I thought time for Holywell Pond and the hides at least there is shelter from the wind,went via the Beehive flash there was a flock of Greylag & Pinkfeet in the field opposite ,arrived at the hide & not long after I got in a Buzzard came up over the far wood seeming to play in the wind it was joined by another and they flew off North ,I did manage to get some shots of the Male Scaup keeping close company with a Female Tufted,the usual regulars at the feeders
I was here a couple of hours, more than I could have stood outside with that wind one of the trees was down just missing the hide corner glad I was not in when that came down.

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