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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

30-01-07 WEST HARTFORD...........SEO's

I was not planning on going out today started work in the house decorating,but at about 2pm while out in the garage c150 Pinkfeet flew over and it seemed so bright and sunny so I thought sod this I'm off out, so I ended up at West Hartford hoping for the Owls, non where showing it was windier here than at home they do not seem like to like wind at all, so i had a walk around trying to get near two Stonechats for a photo,then I just had a look at the type of ground the Owls where hunting over it is very wet with tussocky grass,much wetter than I thought it would be I did surprise a Short Tailed Field Vole about a yard away from its bolt hole,but still to fast to get a photo,it was living in wetter conditions than I thought diving into a tussock, I presume they can keep above the water table this way,my first thought was if I can surprise it then an Owl should have no problem.
Two further flocks (150+ 200) of geese came over all heading North plenty of pipits still around,Kestrel passed over,then two SEO started hunting I got a few shots but not looked at them yet,I did find a fresh Pellet and lots with mould on I will compare it with a Barn Owl one I picked up awhile ago.
Nothing on the pool and no sign of the thrush flock.
Anyway there is always tommorow to decorate, although I am tempted to go for the Pacific Diver.

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