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Thursday, 25 January 2007


Alnwick Gardens Tree House

We obtained a ticket for ALNWICK GARDENS so I thought it a good opportunity to visit and check out the Woodland Walk that was listed and see how bird friendly the scheme was, I had not been before as I thought it was just a formal garden ,but the thought of a Woodland Walk sounded good,another strong windy day and bitter cold,the gardens are rather bare at this time of year but the fountain was impressive and the Tree House WOW the perfect birders house.if I ever get loads of money I'm having one built in a suitable site.
A small flock of Chaffinch feeding near the entrance which I checked for Brambling with no luck in the garden walls only one Dunnock and in a sheltered corner Great & Blue tit, it is a formal garden and gives the impression there is no room for wildlife , a feeding station on the side of the Tree House would I think be a great attraction,the Woodland Walk was rather dismal and that's all I will say ,still worth a visit overall ,but I'm only going back if I get a free ticket.
The other aim of going was to go up to Hulne Park but the wind had not dropped as predicted so I held no faith in seeing Hawfinch, just as we got into the entrance to the park a party of Long Tailed Tits & Treecreeper where on the feeder but nothing on the whipping tree tops then the sky opened and it ****** down and went very dark......that's the end of the day.
If you go to the Gardens from the South pass the first turn for Alnwick and come around the back which is signed, & for Hulne Park turn back towards the A1 but turn left for Eglingham to the roundabout and left again back over the bridge to the Castle then right and up to the park gates.

Alnwick Castle From The Woodland Walk

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Stewart. said...

Been to Alnwick garden twice Brian, spring and summer. Its not worth the entrance fee, and not a patch on the gardens at Wallington Hall. I'll not be back...