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Saturday, 27 September 2008

24-09-08 Med Gull AAJR

Wednesday the 24th I called in at Newbiggin to try and catch up with Med Gull colour ringed AAJR which I first saw at St Mary's in July 2006 with 3 other Juveniles, what luck only about 30 gulls present on the beach and five where med one with a green ring flew off and I got a couple of shots , I was thrilled to find it was AAJR looking smart as a 2nd summer /3rd winter bird will have to get it again next year, also had a couple of hours seawatch 5 RTD,1 Pintail,8 Scoter, 9 wigeon 1 Brent & 1 Arctic Skua. not much but a great end to the day.
Reply from the ringing team below received in July 2006
Dear Brian
,it's great to hear from our gulls.Both were caught and colour-ringed on june 17 at Pionierinsel Lühe, which is a small island in river Elbe north-west of Hamburg. Med Gulls breed with approx 140 pairs (in 2006) within a huge colony of common gulls. The coordinates are 53° 34' N and 09° 36' E.These are the first sightings and as soon as my programme works I'll send You life-histories.We also always appreciate info on food, flock, habitate.I think I can find out the coordinates with google earth but don't mind to send them if You know 'em. ; )
Thank You very much and have a nice summer,
Andreas (for the team)
AAJR with another Juvenile 2 of four seen within a couple of days, its ringed but not colour ringed the other colour ringed bird was AACE and another bird unringed
AAJR taken on the 27-07-06
AAJR looking smart
2 1st Year birds and another 2nd year plus an adult also nearby

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