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Monday, 1 September 2008


Spent most of the day at Cresswell but the wind was rather strong so went to Druridge at Hauxley where it was more sheltered and back to Cresswell later in the afternoon/evening
Red Admirals in good numbers at Hauxley where it was sheltered
Small Copper looking worse for wear now !

Heron over the pond
Hoverfly on Knapweed

Little Grebes at Hauxley

Merlin at Cresswell pond this is the fence at the north end
Just taking off but it is worth showing the tail pattern
The bird sat along the edge for sometime

Curlew looking into the sunset


Blyth Birder said...

Nice Merlin shots.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Merlin always a nice bird to see, this one should be around for awhile, it has made several attempts across the pond, not caught anything that I have seen.